Dr. Christina Czeschik (E-Health, Digital Healthcare, Information Security)

Christina Czeschik
I am a trained physician with a board certification in medical informatics and digital healthcare enthusiast. As such, the focus of my work is helping healthcare organizations implement better privacy and security strategies, and helping infosec companies communicate and connect with healthcare entities.

I have authored and co-authored several books on health IT, e-health, privacy and information security, including e-books with our own publishing firm Intellicore Press. On a more speculative note, I write science fiction under the pen name of Jo Koren. I regularly give talks and workshops on infosec issues in healthcare (see here for talks in English as well).

At Serapion I’m responsible for consulting in marketing, communications and strategy for infosec companies, as well as writing and copywriting.

Matthias Lindhorst (Applied Informatics, Information Security, Seminars)

Matthias Lindhorst

I am trained as an IT specialist in application development and have been an active member of German privacy and hacking NGO Chaos Computer Club (CCC) for many years now. Among other projects there, I’m a volunteer in „Chaos macht Schule“, giving seminars and workshops on digital privacy for students, parents and teachers. As a cryptoparty veteran, I have also trained citizens in encrypted communication at several dozen cryptoparties locally and regionally.

I have co-authored two books on medical computing and digital privacy – with a third in the making.

At Serapion, I’m responsible for technical consulting, technical writing and seminars (see here for details).

 Gudrun Donay (Marketing, Coaching, Seminars)

Gudrun Donay, Serapion

I am trained as a marketing coordinator, ILP© coach and mediator. Working with people has always been the focus of my work, and with my coaching clients I have worked on and solved many professional and personal issues and challenges. I’m also experienced in event and interdisciplinary project management.

At Serapion, I’m responsible for marketing and PR, both internally and for our clients, as well as management of workshops and events.